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Project Description
Punkboy is a game written in C# using XNA Game Studio 3.0. It is based off of the Platformer starter kit with quite a few changes and tweaks implemented.

This game was written as a student project at California State University Fullerton for CPSC386 Intro to Game Design taught by Professor Samuel Stokes

Following are the list of changes from the platformer starter kit:
  • New graphic sets to reflect the PunkBoy theme
  • New music and sound effects
  • Menu system and information screens
  • Improved scoring system which tracks the score throughout the game as opposed to resetting each level
    • When a player dies he loses 100 points from his score
    • If a players score is less than 100, his score is set to 0
  • 5 "levels" total
  • Infinite gameplay:
    • Each cycle through the levels results in the enemies moving faster and thus presenting a greater challenge
  • All the Anarchy symbols must be collected before you can exit and move on to the next level
    • Implemented a system which tracks and displays the remaining number of symbols in the level

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